View Full Version : A DSQ awarded to my online profile because I was owner of a lobby

Ole W
23-09-2017, 07:58
Something weird has happened. Together with two friends we were trying out the new game, having selected the Nissan GT-R GT3 Nismo and the Redbullring for our tryout. We had 15 minutes of practice and the same for qualification.
After the qualification had concluded I was deliberately not activating the "Continue" button because we wanted a short brake before the actual race itself.
I was owner of the lobby and the lobby and had made it possible to tweak a tuning setup etc just before the race would start.
Eventually, I pressed on the Continue button after which we were taken to the prerace screen. Then one of my friends pressed "Ready" after which I suddenly found myself in my trackside garage. Responding to this I might have pressed some button but I was quickly put back in the pre race screen but with no possibility of entering the race. I had been disqualified!! A fact that now unjustly reflects in my driver profile.
We had included 2 AI's to the race. These two AI's then just stood still somewhere on track while my two friends raced (a 5 lap race) but somehow they ended up as P2 and P3 while my friends ended up as P1 (rightly so) and P4 (should have been P2). The AI's even showed on the leaderboard with lap times!!??
Finally, our GT3 cars started racing with cold tyres. Shouldn't they have been warm?

The next and final race didn't fare well either. Practice/Quali went well but when the race started then one of my friends (the same who also pressed Ready before I was qualified/ended up in P4 despite having ended as P2) now got uncontrollable movements from side to side of hos G29 wheel.

Titzon Toast
23-09-2017, 08:05
I had the exact same thing happen to me last night, I didn't realize that it had left a mark against my record though.
I wonder if it can be reset by SMS?