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23-09-2017, 08:04
Hi Everyone,

Long time reader, only recently have I started to contribute. All the comments about the G920 wheel issues aside (and yes there are a lot of them), I have to ask has anyone else had issues with wet weather driving? I was driving the Ginetta GT5 and during the wet at Silverstone it was almost impossible to keep it on the track even while I tinkered with the TC setting and short shifted. I appreciate the skill behind wet weather driving to a point, but when you can't even stay on the road it becomes unplayable.


23-09-2017, 08:07
Make sure that you're using the correct tires.
You can check this out in the telemetry HUD.

23-09-2017, 09:13
Running wets... its not the tyres..

23-09-2017, 09:33
Avoid the puddles! I had this combo in career mode too and the back straight was pretty hairy. I think there is small sector in the middle of the straight that has a track wide puddle, so I went into the grass a few times. But if you slow down that shouldn't be a problem. The rest of the lap was pretty okay and at least to me better than on dry tyres. I can't seem to get enough heat into the back tyres unless I give the rears minimum pressure and the front almost maximum. Then they balanced out a bit. I also used this setup in the rain race, so maybe that helped.

All in all I really love rain racing! With the puddles and such it really adds an edge on top of clear day driving which becomes quite boring and predictable after tens of years of sim racing. Well implemented rain racing is really a level up for me.