View Full Version : The bugs are worse then PC1.. PS4 with dualshock.

23-09-2017, 08:11
I don't really care who is at fault here.. SMS for outsourcing a studio who did a terrible job with the PS4 port, or Bandai for pushing the game out way too early. Or sony and MS for pushing Bandai to release the game yesterday. It really does not matter sadly.
The fact is that the game is just like project cars 1, not ready for launch and it should NOT have been released in this state.
I respect developers and understand the pressure from the higher ups who only see figures, but this is a big mess.
After waiting for for months and getting excited to play this game, once i started playing it was quite the dissapointment to say the least.

- The handling is worse then the final patched PC1 handling.
I went back to PC1 after a few hours with PC2 and it felt better actually.. well, i could at least keep the cars on the track without spinning out every corner!
I tried improved settings via a nice YouTube link, it got a bit better.. talked to my engineer and fiddled around with the settings myself. However, i could simply not keep the car on the track and the worse thing of all is that the AI can find grip in corners where i could never find grip at all. I tried warming up the tires, i tried assists on (which makes the car even stiffer and more numb) and the whole physics engine seems off. There are a few cars who i can handle, but most of the cars spin out with ease for no apperent reason it seems.

- The AI is horrible.
What a dissapointment this one is. After PC1 you would have thought that in PC2 the AI would be at least better right? wrong.
The AI is a mess right now. With the famous first corner pileups to just driving into you like you are simply not on the track! Also, AI is way too hard on some tracks, and way too easy on others with the same AI settings (difficulty and agressiveness).. very inconsistent! Once again i tried the AI settings, put them on easy and on non-agressive and they still just drive into the back of me like i am not on the track.. forcing me to go into the pits for a repair. which brings me to my next point.

No pit crew?
Yikes.. again something you would think would have been improved over PC1 where no pitcrew was available right? Nope.. i think i have seen the pit crew once on a track i can't remember, and since then they walked away and never returned. No matter what track i try, auto pistop on or off, announcing that i want to pit or not, they are gone.. gone. Quite a bug.

Dynamic weather is nice.. But the AI has knowledge i don't have
Another bug it seems. Me on Monza, formula C with 16 other cars.. completely dry and no cloud to be seen.
But wait what? The AI cars are equipped with full wet tires. Hah, this time i could win a race because they would not be able to drive well on those compared to my new slicks right?
Wrong.. they set record lap times while i am once again battling my car and not the AI.
Later on it started raining.. how convenient for AI, they needed not to pit and could just carry on at the same pace, on their rain tires, just like they did in the dry.

A restart is not really a restart
So by now i must have crashed a Thousand times allready.. if you have car damage on and you restart the game after a crash with damage.
The damage is not undone by the restart.. sigh.

Adjusting the HUD is bugged
Don't even try setting HUD info on or off, some things are now permanently set on my screen and no matter what i try, it will stay there. ("Estimated time" on the left center of the screen).

Sluggish menus

the menus are sluggish and slow.. coming back to the menus from a race i have to wait 5 seconds before i can even do anything. Minor perhaps, but very annoying nevertheless.

I am not going to mention smaller bugs like how the pit engineer can't be set via your tv or soundset, but it is always through my DS4 speaker. Car flipping over landmines on the track, or how all the trees on the nurburgring became a white mess following me forcing me to restart, qualifying does not work all the time.. no matter what position you achieved you start the race as last.. all relatively minor bugs i could live with.. but the above mentioned ones make this a very unpleasant experience and i will never buy another SMS game come launch day.
I even started to wonder if my copy was bugged, but i see more and more people complaining about the game's handling and bugs so "thankfully" i am not the only one.

I will try again today, re-install the game and see if it gets better or not.. i will update this thread to keep the bugs coming.. i want to help, but i did not want to become a beta tester for just 60 euros.

23-09-2017, 09:25
Oh.. this is weird, i just installed the game again and updated it with the 1.03 patch.
However, in the menus it says version 1.00.084.

Anyone have the same issue? That might explain some bugs since it might not be properly updated.

23-09-2017, 10:55
I also loaded the 1.03 patch and mine also still shows the old version

23-09-2017, 11:00
For me physics, handling and FFB is a huge step better than PC1, but a lot! Very near to assetto corsa.... Hopefuly they stay like they are.

BTW....go for a wheel if you really want to enjoy and see the capacity of this sim