View Full Version : [PC] Playing with PS4 Controller but Thrust / Brakes only recognize 100%

23-09-2017, 09:36
So I cannot say how much I want to accelerate and it only registers 100% so I can't just slightly accelerate which is obv not really playable. Same with breaks.
Does anyone know a solution?

Morgan Henstridge
23-09-2017, 11:00
Sounds like whatever input you are using is detected as Digital, not Analogue.

Do these inputs show in Windows > "Usb / Game controllers" control panel as Analog or are they on/off there too??

23-09-2017, 12:18
Same issue here, throttle and brakes are either on or off with nothing in between with the PS4 controller on PC. I've checked the wireless controller properties in Windows 10 and L2 and R2 are being picked up as analog - i.e., there's variable input.

23-09-2017, 20:36
Nah it is definitely analogue, it works in other games like GTA V for example :(

23-09-2017, 21:40
I've found a workaround - In Steam, go to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings, and make sure PS4 Configuration Support is enabled. Next, select the game in the Steam Library, and in the Links area on the right, click Controller Configuration. In there I selected one of the ready made presets, but I'm not sure if this is actually needed. When in game, set the controller to the Xbox One controller (again, not sure if it has to be set to the Xbox controller, I haven't tried with the Custom setting - didn't want to change anything after getting it working!). You can change the assignments as necessary (the buttons register as Xbox ones). After this you should have full pedal control from the triggers!