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23-09-2017, 10:01
can someone share the default values with me? Changed them to not my liking.

Generally speaking, I'd love to see a "reset to default values" button per settings page (or some documentation of these values here in the forum)

Keep racing guys,

24-09-2017, 11:31

19-08-2018, 22:27
Hey, did you find a way to make a custom camera please? I remember in Project Cars 1 when going in screenshot mode and pressed Play on the Gamepad the camera would stand still and replay would go on giving a super nice cinematic look to the replay. Plus when adding the filters.. it got even more beautiful. And all that was effortless for us. Pcars2 doesnt have as much freedom.

Please if you find a way to make a custom camera, please do share! (I need it for VR as the HMD can be used as a real camera)

20-08-2018, 05:12

For replay, you can assign "previous/next camera" which gives you quite a variety.

Moreover, you can add "-devcameras" to start up options and then press STRG+K and edit your camera angle view WASD etc.

20-08-2018, 10:37
Thank you for your answer! When you say "start up options" do you mean there is an additional menu opening or just the WASD movement through STRG+K please?
Did you by any chance discover a way to position the camera anywhere on the track or a free moving camera not linked to the car? I mean this in replays so you can get nice cinematic videos

20-08-2018, 12:33

Right click on Project Cars 2 in Steam, Properties, Start-up-options

20-08-2018, 13:02
Thank you! The last time I tried this it didnt provide any additional changes than the WASD movement. Do you have maybe more buttons to impact other cameras as well through the "-devcameras", other than the WASD? Thanks again for your help!