View Full Version : Qualified P1, Starting from P24?!

Maurice Boeschen
23-09-2017, 11:23

Just had my first "try" for multiplayer and oh my dear, a LOT of work to do here.

Most annoying thing: I qualified on Pole P1 and was placed at P24 at race start. WHY?! WTF?!
Next thing: the game stutters extremely bad in multiplayer - no stutter in offline modes at all.
Next thing: On the start grid a lot of cars started in the wrong way (WTF?!), some cars were ghosts so you can drive through them, some cars started in the middle of the track instead out of their start boxes etc etc etc. SO many bugs, I couldnt call all of them.

But the worst bug is that you worked hard to qualy on pole and then you start almost on the last place. Thats ridiculous.


23-09-2017, 13:48
Yeah, multiplayer is very buggy and lacking in polish. It feels like an early beta version.

I had a really exciting race in the rain yesterday at Fuji GP. Somehow I managed to work up my way from the back of the grid to 2nd place, because everyone else kept spinning out. But in the final lap of the race the session just terminated all of a sudden and kicked me to the main menu. No error message whatsoever. There are bugs left and right. I hope SMS have time and resources to improve multiplayer, because it can be so much fun! These glitches, performance, and UI issues are really annoying, though.