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23-09-2017, 12:33
hey guys, I am in the process of DL the game as i am writing this post. I have few questions based on other YT videos.
Should V-Sync be on for Rift?
How to Launch game via Steam?
Should I launch VR then from VR launch game, or i can just launch game from steam sidebar?
here are my specs
4790k 4.8ghz water cooled
16gb DDR3 2400 ram
M.2 Drive
Latest drivers Win 10

23-09-2017, 12:48
I'm curious about this too.

When opening in Steam client, it gives 3 options to open (non-VR, Oculus, Steam VR). Each of the VR options would get me to the game, but Oculus Home always has to open as well as Steam VR. I worry that there's unnecessary redundancy there, impacting performance. I also wonder if I can turn off showing the game screen on the monitor also. Again, I worry about performance lost. When I'm in VR, I don't need the game screen.

Cbrriderr, I noticed that with the latest Oculus home update, once you've opened PC2 in Steam, you will see it on the list of recent games within Oculus Home.

EDIT: I've learned that by creating a shortcut as in Qwaszx post (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?54483-VR-Guide-Setup-Settings-and-General-tips), you can bypass the option to go directly to Oculus or whichever you want. You can also avoid opening Oculus Home by doing 2 things: 1. Right-Click Properties and check "run as administrator" and 2. disable the safety check in Oculus Home to prevent the "first time" safety check. Now you can just click the shortcut, throw on the headset and the game will start without Oculus Home opening, which uses valuable resources.

I haven't learned how to disable video from duplicating on the main screen, but it's actually useful. You can take a break after a race, take the headset off, and still go through options on screen (settings, tuning, whatever)

23-09-2017, 12:51
V-Sync This stands for Vertical Synchronization. When enabled, the graphics card will provide the images sent to the display at the same pace as they will be displayed. This can help prevent screen tearing and provide a more stable frame rate, but can also lead to increased lag. Your choice.

Right click PC2 in steam, choose "launch with Oculus Rift Mode" (Or something like that, can't remember).

To launch game from Steam is the best, I´ve tried to launch via desktop ikon, but then VR would´t work.

23-09-2017, 12:55
Run game windowed, then you will use a little less PC-power. Not a great impact anyway. By the way, I recommend to run Supersampling in the Oculus Debug Tool as well as in-game slider. Without setting in ODT it won´t work, at least not on my computer. (i7, 36G RAM, 1080ti)