View Full Version : Tyre ( Tire ) Temperature Inconsistency

23-09-2017, 12:43
Hi there.

It appears that when in the pits and garage, tyre temps are shown in Fahrenheit.....but as soon as you leave the pits, telemetry shows them in Celcius.

Please could we have consistency....do not mind which, but seems to be an oversight !


23-09-2017, 12:47
There are more units that shift from metric to imperial (and kg to litres):

Space craft have crashed because of mixing units, so very dangerous ;)

23-09-2017, 13:15
Really. Hope it gets fixed as I'm loving it apart from that.

But my telemetry panels go nuts..... and it confuses me and irks me.

And my math aint good....

I'm off for a lie down.