View Full Version : Impression and Issues so far

23-09-2017, 14:21
A much improved launch to PC1! :eagerness:

the FFB is so much better with the tyre flex model!

current settings with TX:



no quit from active championship in career. advice, test drive car before signing contract as the CLIO cup car is horrible with overstear. had to go through all 5 races to be able to sign different contract
no car DOR soft lock on wheel
cannot adjust seating position without mapping buttons, but need buttons for DRS/Kers etc. suggest pause menu option screen to adjust seating position so no need for button mapping
if you watch reply on last race of championship and get the trophy screen, the games freezes after trophy screen closes
in qualifying, exiting tuning in garage, cannot drive out, accelerator not working. reset to pit and issue exists, had to quit race. has happened 6 times in over 50 races
rear view mirror only shows if you go into HUD menu and exit
engineer - gearbox - not hitting top speed - if you keep asking this, gear ratios are set to same values, i.e. 2nd and 3rd have same gear ratio
no neutral gear when you put TH8A into neutral - update: this is when in sequential gearbox cars
AI difficulty - in qualifying I am around 1 second behind. Go into race and I'm winning by 7 seconds. AI difficulty between qualifying and race seems different
no rewind function (I JOKE lol!!!! I DONT WANT THIS! :p)


which tracks have snow laid on surface, not just snowing and wet?
is there a list of all the cars DOR?
is there a list of all the cars gearbox configuration? i.e. manual/auto/semi-auto/sequential
XB online leagues for PC2?