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23-09-2017, 17:15
Just had a few hours with pCARS 2 so far and absolutely loving it!

I have found just a couple of minor bugs so far that I want to report in case SMS is not aware of them yet

1) In the "Custom Race" mode, if you "Restart Session", the damage doesn't reset - i.e. the car doesn't go back to "new condition". FYI, I'm only using "visual" damage. Also BTW, it did seem like it reset for me once or twice, but most of the time not. No apparent pattern to this from what I could tell.

2) On the California Full track, in the 3rd segment, there's that long, semi-tight right hander after the long straight. While taking this turn, I'm clearly on the track, yet 75% of the time I'm getting my lap invalidated. I still haven't figure out what I'm doing "right" the other 25% of the time to avoid this :)

Hope you can add these two to your backlog.

Siberian Tiger
23-09-2017, 17:30
For the 1) - Thanks for the Report. This is allready noted and forwarded to the Devs.
2) Can you please share a Screenshot where exactly this happen? Thanks...

23-09-2017, 19:48
On this sweeping turn about one-third of the way through


23-09-2017, 20:00
I had similar experience today at Laguna Seca Time Trial. I start at the corner before start/finish and can complete a clean lap, but on the next lap the time becomes invalid shortly after I cross the finish line even though I am in the middle of the track.