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23-09-2017, 17:42
To the SMS team: I looked around a little and am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I can't find anywhere else to go:

I pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe version for the PS4 from Amazon on 9/19, and the redeem code worked on release day, allowing me to download the core game along with the Motorsport Car Pack and the Season Pass add-ons.

However: The Japanese Car Pack, which was supposed to be included for pre-ordering, is demanding a $4.99 payment on the PS Store rather than indicating that it's been purchased.

I contacted Playstation support, and after renewing licenses and rebuilding the database, the problem isn't fixed and they said they can do nothing else and claimed that I need to contact the game developer. So here I am.

I attempted to use the "Help" button at the top of your site, but that appears to be a dead link that goes nowhere. So I'm posting here, not knowing how else to get this issue addressed.

Can you please help with this issue? Amazon only provided one redemption code and the Japanese Car Pack appears to have not been included, even though I pre-ordered.

(By the way: The only reason I purchased on Amazon instead of directly from the PS Store is that their store is refusing credit card payments from my account, no matter what card I use, no matter that all cards work fine everywhere else in the world.)

I'm otherwise really impressed with the game and am looking forward to having a blast with it!

Thank you,

23-09-2017, 17:46
Hi Chris,

I had to download the packs seperatly too. I did this:

Go to the PS4 Library
Select the Game
Select Addons

There I got both the Motorsport Pack and the Japanese Pack with a little download / install icon. I imagine your missing pack is listed there as well.

Hope this works for you.


23-09-2017, 18:44
Thanks! I had not noticed the Motorsport Pack had not downloaded for me until I saw this thread and double-checked! :)
From the main PS4 screen, select the game, then scroll down to last option on left for the PSN Store and wait a second for right side to refresh then you can select the add-ons (or theme) and download them if necessary.

26-09-2017, 03:23
Thanks both of you for taking the time to try and help, I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I had already gone to the Add-ons area you mentioned, which is how I was able to download the Motorsport Pack. The problem I'm having is that the Japanese Car Pack is listed in the Add-ons area, but it's asking for $4.99 instead of allowing for a free download (since I pre-ordered) like it should.

I'm not sure where the problem occurred on the back end, but it seems Amazon was given a redemption code that doesn't include the pre-order bonus of the Japanese Car Pack. Sony claims I need to contact the developer to get the problem fixed, which is why I'm here.

Who is responsible for the integrity of redemption codes and addressing customer concerns in cases where there is an issue like this? Is that SMS? Bandai Namco? Sony? Amazon?

I get that the actual SMS developers can't assist in this, but I would appreciate if someone from SMS could pipe in and suggest the best path forward to get this fixed. Yes, I'm only talking about being out $5 if this goes unrectified, and I suspect this is going nowhere. The only reason I'm bothering to ask is that I'd prefer that companies hold themselves and their partners accountable for good customer service and stand by the offers they promote.

02-10-2017, 02:05
I got the hard copy, with a pre-order dlc code.
Enter the redeem code in psn store it should show the DLC for download, free.

02-10-2017, 02:25
You need to go back And approach the retailer with any issues....SMS can't help with regards to this as its all handled by BN.

Refer to first post here by checking your eligibility: http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?52967-Missing-Japanese-pack&p=1368568&viewfull=1#post1368568

08-10-2017, 04:30
Thanks, appreciate the reply. :) I'll post my info in that post per Konan's request and go from there.