View Full Version : [BUG] Career mode bugged during online racing

23-09-2017, 19:28
I started a new driver having just got started with the game.
I've raced through the first 5 rounds of the Ginetta uk tournament and progressed to the finals (second icon in the Ginetta section). I only completed 4 of 5 races.

I then went back to Race Central and started hosting an online lobby to race with friends. I won a few online races and suddenly got a psn trophy for 'completing my first career' which I clearly haven't done (screenshot below)

Now when I go back into career its wiped my Ginetta Junior progress back to the start but its locked on the Ginetta category only and is asking me to select my team (screenshots below)


and here is what happened when I tried to progress......skip to 2mins for the best bug.


06-10-2017, 20:08
Ok so I created a new driver and have been playing it for over a week now. I progressed as far as Formula Renault and had done 5 of 7 races on standard length, so quite a lot of time and effort put in.

I again raced online for an evening. When I returned to my career I am again faced with this and am unable to proceed forward or complete the season that was in progress:



@SMS - please advise if this can be fixed or if I now have to start over for a 3rd time? I don't want to losing any more progress on career with another restart until I know if my time is lost so some guidance would be appreciated.

09-10-2017, 10:27
@SMS - some kind of indication of whether this career is salvageable or if I have to wipe the driver and start over would be appreciated here. Thanks.

12-10-2017, 11:24
In addition to to this I have noticed a very similar problem I started a career pre 2.0 patch and started in the Ginetta Junior, Raced the first race, then did some online racing, the next day I went to continue my career and it was on Round 3, when I check the results for Round 2 the stats are all zero, so I continued the career racing Round 3 & 4. Then last night after patch 2.0 I went and did some online racing and got the same trophies as LPlates appear at the end of my online race saying I had completed my first championship, which I hadn't, on checking the stats screen again the final round number 5 has been skipped and filled with zeros again. I am still able to continue to the next stage 2 of the Ginetta UK 2 championship but am concerned that every time I go for an online race I am going to loose another round in my Career.

I Hope someone can advise on this as it's a pretty big game breaker for me as I was looking forward to getting stuck into career mode.


12-10-2017, 13:42
I'm currently working around this by backing up my career and profile via the PS4 menu and restoring it after racing online.

It would be good to get this fault acknowledged.