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23-09-2017, 19:39
So, racing at Oulton Park and a car runs wide, he comes straight back onto the track and hits me, I then get a message saying that I have to give the position back within 5 seconds but I can't, because he's too far back - I then get a drive through penalty. After the race is done it appears I have lost almost 40 points. This is a joke. Can't say I'm all that surprised though, the last game couldn't even get the finishing positions right. When I heard this idea was to be implemented I thought if this is done well it could be a game changer - hopefully puting an end to having to race with idiots in public lobbies, yet it appears it's something else that sounds great when marketing people are selling the game pre-launch, but in reality doesn't work. As for the race director and his penalties.....

06-10-2017, 15:23
This happened to me as well. Someone hit me in the back caused the big crash and I got the penalty. At the end I lost 20 points.

06-10-2017, 15:32
It would really help to show a replay of the incident. It makes it much easier to discuss. Maybe show it from a few angles too?

06-10-2017, 15:52
The racing license works very well in my opinion. At least in terms of making it a lot easier to find other clean racers. I've found that lobbies with a C rating or higher generally have pretty clean racing. That alone is a major improvement over the first game. Sure there are still issues such as the one described by the OP, but it's getting pretty exhausting seeing all this hyperbole from people discovering a bug or other issue with the game.

Yes, the license system doesn't always work as well as intended, but that does not make it a joke or mean the game is broken and the world isn't going to end either.

It's great that this feature is in the game and on the whole it works pretty well. I'd expect it to also be further refined with future patches. But I guess the current generation of gamers is just too impatient to wait for that and wants everything exactly the way they expect them to be right away and will throw a fit when that isn't the case. That's getting quite exhausting even for me and has to take even more patience and zen like calm from the mods and devs here I imagine :D

06-10-2017, 16:29
Does this topic really warrant yet another thread?

06-10-2017, 16:51
I don't really get why people get so upset about their point score anyway as it doesn't really matter. Probably doesn't help that there are Community Events in the pipeline, requiring rating scores of 2k+ or 4k+, but think about it, if the fastest racers always only race against each other, they'll probably stay around 1500 as you'll always win some and lose some. So don't get too worked up on the rating, just drive. It will all dial itself in eventually. Also, don't forget, it's really first and foremost about the safety rating, is it not? At least that's the case for me.

If the rating system has achieved one thing already, it's making more people actually consider public lobbies, which is awesome!

06-10-2017, 21:48
I just wish i didn't lose points getting bumped by other driver's. Does need some tweaking.