View Full Version : Allow us to disable Ambient Occlusion? Please? (video example in reply)

23-09-2017, 20:17
There's no setting I can find that gets rid of this, and it's usually the first thing I disable in games because it impacts performance. Generally not a lot, but it depends on the AO type and implementation. Some are a lot more demanding than others, but without an option, can't even tell how much it's hitting PCARS2.

One would assume that disabling "Post Processing" would remove it as it's a post process effect, or there would be a separate setting for it like all other games, but nope! Forced on.

PCARS2 is no different with it being distracting. Most obvious is in Cockpit view, when speeding up and braking you can see a visible gap between the side mirrors and the crummy AO effect right below them which expands and contracts in real time.

Even if it didn't look ugly like that specific instance, it's noticeable elsewhere in the game and I'd still want that FPS it's taking away. Even if it's only a few digits.

Does anyone know a way to force it off?

23-09-2017, 22:39
Uploaded a short video showcasing the bad forced Ambient Occlusion in PCARS2. (apologies for the framerate, the game was running smooth but the OBS capture was choppy as heck).


You'll notice it under the mirror where it shifts and moves and looks straight up broken, down along the side of the car, and also quite visible at the start along the pit wall to the right where it meets the ground.
The blobby, darkened pixellated effect of this AO in the wall / ground corner appears to move with the game screen same as the halo effect appearing around the car, as its a junky post process effect, which is a bit difficult to see in a compressed youtube clip.

Real horrible stuff, and no way to turn it off?

24-09-2017, 05:58
I'm really surprised none of you VR guys care about this. Ambient occlusion can impact the framerate by anywhere from 2-15 fps or more, depending on the game and implementation.

And in PCARS2 it's permanently on with no way to turn it off so we don't even know how much damage it's doing to the performance in this game.

Plus it looks like trash when you can see it on a screen, plus it's probably not even visible in VR anyway, wasted frames :(
I've seen a lot of VR players trying to squeeze every bit of performance they can to keep a solid 90fps, even on high end rigs, including turning every setting to low.

Being able to turn off the ambient occlusion in this game wouldn't be a miracle cure, but I know I'd want any and every little boost I can get.
And in this case it's not sacrificing visuals, but improving them if you hate how terrible it looks, or if you can hardly see it to begin with.

25-09-2017, 18:43
Welp. I guess the game is stuck with this forced framerate hit and ugly effect then? (it's a lot more obvious on the track and around various parts of the vehicles in cloudier, darker conditions)

Really wish Ambient Occlusion was a separate video option like all other games. Insane that it's not, I've never seen a game before that didn't have an option for it in the menus & config files.

Though as it's another post-processing effect, I'd at least accept the post-processing on/off option in this game disabling it outright (which it does not currently).
The best solution, which is common to other games, would be to add a specific AO option to that menu as well as turn it off when all post-processing is set to off.