View Full Version : Race Director Bug

23-09-2017, 21:01
I am getting penalised for locking up during braking in TT mode. Lap time deleted. Extremely frustrating.

I understand no game is 100% on release, but there are quite a few major bugs like this. Very infuriating after paying 99 for a game. If you charge full price at the beginning, the experience should be there after.

I love the game and all, but this is definitely the last of my money this company sees.

23-09-2017, 21:15
Yep, lots of tracked suffer from this. Director deleting lap times for touching a ripple strip is common. Sometimes lap time will be deleted for no reason while driving well within the track limits, almost as if, no, sorry, you went round that corner too fast, delete.

23-09-2017, 21:23
Do you know what it feels like? It feels like buying a deluxe version of a new album, and it’s not mixed or mastered yet. You bring it up and the band says: “Nothing we can do about it. That part of the process is outsourced. Soooo, Stop you’re whinging. It will be awesome in a year or two. Maybe.”

09-10-2017, 20:54
FIX IT! QUICK, i think i am doing something wrong, like for example braking to hard, it mostly happens in the first corner of a track. on Spa almost every time. I figured out when i drive more in the middle of the lane it doesn't happen so often, but then i cannot drive the ideal line. i hope they fix all bugs asap, or it will also be the last of my money the company sees.