View Full Version : Help! Force Feedback Isn't Working

23-09-2017, 21:09

I have Project Cars 2 for PS4 and a Thrustmaster T150 wheel with the T3PA and TH8A attachments. Even though my PS4 acknowledges the fact that my steering wheel is plugged in and I can use it on the menu perfectly, when I start Project Cars 2 and hit X "to start my engine," Project Cars 2 doesn't recognize my steering wheel at all. So if I unplug my wheel from the PS4 and plug it back in a few times, Project Cars 2 will eventually recognize my wheel. But then when I try to use it, there's no force feedback at all. There's absolutely none, as I have to reset the position of the wheel after turning. This is odd for me because I'm very experienced with racing games, including the first Project Cars, and I have the force feedback set to "Raw" on Project Cars 2. The first time I played the game, for about 30 minutes, the force feedback worked perfectly, that is after Project Cars 2 finally recognized my wheel. But since then, no force feedback at all and a lot of frustration because I would like to at least get my money's worth of playing time on the game with it working properly. Also, I'd like to add that I've made sure multiple times that my wheel has the latest firmware (version 5), so that's not the problem. Can you please help me?