View Full Version : [Answered] Weather

David Slute
23-09-2017, 21:21
Car: Ford 150
Track Spa & Hockenhiem RX
track settings:

Ive tried setting up several winter races but the winter scenery never loads as it always looks like its snowing in July and just turns to water on the ground.
Trees still have leaves, no snow accumulation etc.

I am no weather expert but I have seen my fare share of snow in my days here in the mountains of Canada. Ingame weather forecast has the temp at 7c which to me seems a bit high for a snowy forecast, in reality it would most likely be rain or sleet at the most.

Another thing I've noticed is that headlights are almost nonexistent during sunset in the dimmer lite areas of the tracks

23-09-2017, 22:17
You have to set the season to snow, not winter.

Regarding lights, they don't project during daytime. That's a compromise to be able to have the AI turn on lights during bad weather.