View Full Version : Potential Fix For Seperate Pedals

23-09-2017, 22:00
Hi All
I was having a nightmare getting my controls to register. I have Logitech DFGT and Fanatec V3 Pedals. I had to assign the pedals without the wheel connected, but once the wheel was connected I couldn't assign buttons.

I closed the Logitech Profile applications and all of the sudden it works. I wonder if any other third pary applications from other manufacturers are causing a similar issue.

Not impressed that something as basic as this is an issue.

24-09-2017, 18:45
I had the same issue with a DFGT and saitek combat pedals. Unplugging the DFGT while the game was running allowed me to set the assignments for the pedals. Then I plugged the DFGT back in and restarted the game.

Everything works fine now. I never had this problem in project cars.