View Full Version : Setup bug in Q and Race

23-09-2017, 23:12
I host one race tonight,practice session works well

After we switch in Q (around 28 drivers),when missing 4 minutes,i change my fuel setup (7 liters) save setup,go in the track and game show me that i've 16L! Like before!

I think it was my mistake,so i return in box,change another time..save setup and,another time game show me 16 L! Change this several time but game always show me the fuel that i've used in practice (16L)
Is race time,game show me 53L (automatic i think) , i want add more fuel,so i change in 65 L,save setup..and be ready for race..but when i coming in the grid,only 16L!
This was really annoying and frustating,cause i was forced to leave the race after 2h practice,and as i was host i was forced to wait for the end of the race (40 minutes) before playing!
A little disappointed,because game is good..

It look that game doesn't change my setup at all,because i've chose hard tyres but game show me soft (like practice and q setup)

24-09-2017, 01:29
try saving it with another name.

24-09-2017, 19:06
Yes change the name than hit save ..you then must wait until it takes (might take 30/40 seconds) then you should see it as selected ..

If your hitting save then not waiting for it to actually save it (happened to me 3 times until I waited for it to actually save)and using the "back" button to head back to the game its not saved ..

If you have renamed it and save it should work ,, does for me anyway ;-) even if you tell it to overwrite the original you still have to hit save and wait ..game will freeze up while its saving ..

Thomas Sikora
24-09-2017, 19:20
Also a setup bug:
drive 1: Opel
drive 2: BMW TC

Result: in BMW are shown the gearratios from opel

24-09-2017, 20:28
Setup saving/loading system is the most tedious thing I've found about PC2, not just the staggering number of bugs in multiplayer.

Not even changing tyres works well...

Urgent fix, please. We have already had enough frustration through intense beta testing this weekend. Let's see if next we can play multiplayer and use setups as intended to work.

Guybrush Threepwood
24-09-2017, 23:57
This happened to me in an online race around Imola, only with tyres. Race started with heavy rain, and besides trying to make sure I had wets selected, I started the race on slicks, and went from 3rd to last in half a lap lol.. Also noticed the same going from practice to quali