View Full Version : BUG Water puddles disappearing and then re-appearing

23-09-2017, 23:54
Win 10 x86
Nvidia 1080ti - Pcars 2 official Drivers
AMD 1800x

All settings ULTRA, Sweetfx used to apply Lift Gamma Gain and DPX color correction on TOP.

When transitioning from rain to clear Puddles will appear and disappear. Not quickly flickering, much more like a hard on/off intermittently. I used 3 slots - Med Cloud, Rain, Clear
Summer, Time progression 40x, Weather progression sync to race, Snetteron 300.

Sweetfx is causing the puddles and reflections to bug out I guess this can be disregarded.

24-09-2017, 00:03
There are o pCARS2 official drivers. There are Nvidia drivers that happen to have specific support for pC2 and many other games.

I think the problem is the weather acceleration. Can you try lower acceleration? or none.

24-09-2017, 00:16
It turns out it was the sweetfx causing the issue.