View Full Version : Wheel centre goes wild

24-09-2017, 00:06
Does anyone else have the problem where randomly the force feedback just goes nuts and seemingly the centre spring goes crazy.

I am using a t300 and have played with the settings and get a nice feel so no problems there.

I will be driving then just suddenly something snaps and the wheel is super hard jerking left and right. If I turn the volume to 0 it retains a very heavy centre spring feel but doesn't react side to side.

If I pause or reset the car it remains, even if I unplug the wheel and go back it remains. Only if I close the application and start again does it reset to being fine.

I have had this occur using each force feedback flavour.

Had no issues in pcars1 nor with Assetto Corsa or F12017.

30-09-2017, 04:19
Yup i have this too. Mind randomly goes nuts while navigating menus.

30-09-2017, 06:34
Have you made a lot of adjustments? Try resetting to default and start again, I'm using immersive 40, 25, 40, 100, 10 and the mad centre spring has gone.

07-10-2017, 07:50
I have made a few adjustments and it still just randomly snaps. I re installed the game just in case that was the issue but to no avail it still happened.
I will try those settings some time but for now I'm not even bothering with the game.

08-10-2017, 01:12
Yup my t300 wigs out at random when I enter the online session. It happens at random.