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24-09-2017, 00:38
I found 2 respected Forza controller players who made a video about their controller settings for PCARS 2.

aTTaX Johnson :


Super GT :


Both are quite different settings, personally I liked the settings from Johnson the most and I'm using those now. Super GT's settings feel a bit more Forza-ish where you need to do more steering stick travel to get the same result.

For the record I'm using Johnson's settings for my PS4 Pro controller as well and works fine there as well. I will probably lower that braking sensitivity even more since those DualShock triggers have such small travel.

24-09-2017, 00:56
I am using the second one. It is a little stiff but the first one was to twitchy for me (certainly for formula rookie, gt3 is no problem if you choose the first or the second).

24-09-2017, 02:20
I ment to post this in the XBox general forum, can a moderator move it please?

24-09-2017, 02:51
I'm currently using Johnson's with a lower steering sensitivity and it feels great. I will try the second one tomorrow just to see how it feels.

24-09-2017, 03:49
Thanks a lot. Help me here to have better and stable drive.

24-09-2017, 07:20
I'm not a big fan of the steering deadzone implementation, it tends to 'stick' a bit so I have that at zero.
The steering sensitivity controls the linearity of the thumbstick, if you set it low the initial input around center becomes easier to manage.
I find that if I set it too low I'm suddenly giving too much input when I'm starting to turn in.

The default sensitivity of the brake pedal isn't good, I can manage the throttle somewhat though I need to be very delicate.
The throttle response of individual cars, or the differential settings if you will, can make some cars quite a handful, TC can aid a lot here, same for SC.
(As long as there is no impulse trigger support on PC I need ABS on, I usually prefer TC and SC off to make things entertaining for myself, I can't be considered a good or fast driver through).

The speed sensitivity setting is quite important, it's tailored to the individual cars and it makes them more manageable.
Setting it much lower then the default might work well for some cars but your mileage may vary with other cars, speed sensitivity makes things a bit more equal.
(And the steering ratio settings in the tuning setup do not affect the gamepad steering, you really need the speed sensitivity setting).
I drive with cockpit view and set it a bit lower then default to have a bit more turning radius, I can imagine some people setting it to 100 when using chase cam.

The controller dampening can be viewed as a sort of steering speed, increasing it = more dampening = slower steering, decreasing it = faster steering.
It's an important setting and I think this setting is how you can really tailor the steering to your personal preference. I find the default okay.