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24-09-2017, 01:01
There are AI disqualified issues at Sonoma National.
I also got a wrong way message when entering the pits, but went away.
This was during practice, but haven't tested during a race yet.

Just tried during race and as soon as the AI pit they're all DQ'd

This is on the PC version

24-09-2017, 01:23
Just tested the Grand Prix track and it seems fine.
I hope this will be fixed in the first patch because I wanted to run a Indy Car race at the National track, but I guess I'll wait now because the whole field will just get DQ'd as soon as they enter the pits.
This should have been caught during testing because this is very obvious.

24-09-2017, 03:54
Reported it for SMS to take a look at (they likely are already aware, but just in case).

30-09-2017, 13:34
When will this issue be fixed?
I was hoping it would be fixed with the last couple of patches, but it hasn't.

11-10-2017, 12:55
This isn't listed in the notes, so I'm assuming it wasn't fixed.
This needs to be fixed to compete in some career events, and figured this would've been on the list.

11-10-2017, 12:58
What exact issue? Was it described before somewhere?

11-10-2017, 13:02
Was it described before somewhere?

Yep: Here (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?52172-REPORTED-Disqualified-AI-Sonoma-National). I suppose that's the one.

11-10-2017, 13:04
This should be fixed with patch 2.
If not, please report back.

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