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24-09-2017, 03:15
Help! I have looked all over and just seem to find anybody else having the same issue.

The FFB in this game is extremely weak. I have downloaded the Jack Spade files to try and help and despite the fact that the recommended settings say most of the ingame options should be set to 50, this results in next to no feeling in some cars such as the Indycar at Indianapolis (haven't tried it elsewhere) and the Ginetta GT5 car which I just started racing in career. These cars, among others, feel like I am driving on air as in, I am literally getting no resistance from the road at all while turning.

Using the Thrustmaster TX wheel, latest drivers, F1 wheel hub, T3PA pedals. The settings on my wheel itself have been increased from the base 75% gain all the way to 100% to try and help. I have had to move the sliders ingame all to 100% to get an almost tolerable feeling, but yet, according to everything I have read from others, these settings should be ripping the wheel out of my hand and yet I can control the cars with literally 2 fingers of my hand.

Yes, the FFB in my wheel is working just fine. All other games work with no issue and the test buttons that Thrustmaster has on the FFB menu all produce really strong feedback.

24-09-2017, 03:39
Me too. Same problem. It's just sloppy in the middle.

24-09-2017, 05:36
Just throwing this out there but are your tires up to temp? Warm, dry track?

24-09-2017, 05:45
Try new drivers of thrustmaster 2017_TTRS_4 ;)

24-09-2017, 05:51
This is an issue for people I know as well , there does not seem to be any weight to the wheel

24-09-2017, 05:55
Download the Jack Spade custom files, worked for me much inmproved over original settings, i am using Mid alternative.

24-09-2017, 14:44
Thank you, but I have already mentioned in my original post that I am using both the latest drivers for the wheel downloaded just last week and using Jack Spade's files. There are still issues with various cars having little to no force feedback behind them with all settings cranked to 100. This happens whether wheels are up to temp or not.

Jack Spade
24-09-2017, 14:53
Cars FFB multipliers are all over the place, was reported many times in WMD so letīs hope for a fix in a patch, unfortunately you often have to adjust the Volume
when you change cars.

Edit: obviously there are some down sides trying to simplify the FFB system for the casual gamer, per car volume, tone, fx missing is one thing.