View Full Version : No enhancement, no downsampling for 1080p screen users on PS4 Pro

24-09-2017, 06:13
I really love the project cars games,

But I were really desappointed when I first launched project cars 2 on my PS4 Pro. I'm an 1080p user and the game is full of jaggies, poor anti aliasing, poor anisothropic filtering.

Could you make a downsampling mode for project cars 2 on PS4 Pro pro (and for the incoming Xbox One X version) to allow 1080p users to have the best experience with the game.

I thank you in advance for reading

24-09-2017, 13:46
I was thinking of three (suggestions) possibilities :

1. a resolution mode (with supersampling for 1080p users)

2. a performance mode (1080p resolution with ultra settings : better shadows, better lightening effects, a far better anti-aliasing, better anistropic filtering)

3. The King's choice : an option to choose between supersampling and 1080p with ultra settings.

I am maybe an obsessional guy ;-) but I really love project cars and wish having the best experience for my PS4 pro and my future Xbox One X on my 1080p screen.

I thank you in advance.

24-09-2017, 15:48
I don't know man, me and a friend with the OG PS4 compared some screenshots yesterday and there seems to be some differences between the two. Less jaggies, better draw distance and opponents headlights shine up the road ahead much more on the Pro.

The Devs should be able to tell us what we 1080p Pro users are getting in terms of enhancements

Siberian Tiger
24-09-2017, 15:51
I don't know it exactly either, but this are Things you are profiting on PS4Pro:

Better LOD Settings, and therefor less Pop-Ins.
Overall better Graphic Settings...

And there will be for sure more...

24-09-2017, 20:32
even on a 1080p screen ? F1 2017 has downsampling and it looks amazing with no aliasing but project cars 2 has a lot of aliasing and textures, shadows seems very low.

24-09-2017, 21:20
I have tested the picture quality with 4K and 1080p and really on the FULL HD resolution there is no evidence of downsempling / supersempling. The game looks even more saggier. With 1440p you can get even better AA when scaling down to 1080p, it's strange that this is not implemented for the PRO