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24-09-2017, 06:57
Hi there. Congratulations to the SMS team on the release.

Being a sim-racer as well as a Software QA Lead for many years, I've noticed numerous things really could do with a looking at. I also happen to be a games journalist from Australia and interviewed Rod Chong and Nic Hamilton when they were in the country doing promotions. Lovely folks.

Some notes:

- AI's pace inconsistency across different tracks, sessions and weather types is really a killer. Often the AI will go several seconds faster if I skip to the end of a session than if I had just let the session play out in real-time. They will also be approx +/- 6 seconds a lap--using the same AI strength settings across the board--dependent on the track. A good example is Dubai International, where I was 3 seconds off leaders pace where at the race prior at Ruapana Park I was nearly 4 seconds a lap quicker. Acknowledging that the default setups will perform differently across different tracks, I cannot imagine this could be down to setup alone.
- AI use of KERS; I get the impression they don't use it at all, even in cars where it activates automatically. IE LMP1 around Spa I simply drive away from then at the start of a race and out of corners (using 80% AI and a default setup to make sure we're on the same playing field)
- Match up the pit lane entry and exit lines both visually and gameplay wise. I was 45 mins into an hour long race at Spa and was disqualified for pitlane speeding despite not having crossed the pitlane speed limit line yet.
- AI and the puddles; they don't appear to be affected by them much, if at all. I'll aquaplane right off the track on a drying track with standing water on it where they will pit for slicks and have no worries
- HUD issues - I can only turn on/off the potential time box when using the telemetry HUD. The assigned button doesn't work otherwise.
- Setup saving - For some reason my setups aren't saving after I make changes when I click "save over existing setup", which I assume means save over the setup I currently have loaded. I have to click 'Save New Setup' then select the setup I'm using to save over it.
- Real weather - It seems to take a number of laps/minutes to settle down when beginning a new session with real weather enabled. Often it was start sunny, with a clear forecast, then a lap later it'll rain, then sunny, then fog(??) then sunny again. Is this expected behaviour?

I'm adoring the dynamic tracks, the tyre model, the details on the tracks; not just trackside but all the bumps and camber details as well. But any kind of "hardcore", reliable single player experience feels so hard to come by at the moment.