View Full Version : FFB help with Accuforce and Rift

24-09-2017, 07:17
I am having trouble getting FFB to work with my Accuforce and Rift. I can get FFB , such as it is ( I haven't dialed it in yet ) , if I launch from Sim Commander and run from my monitor but nothing with my Rift. The problem is I don't know how to launch PC2 from SC and get it to work with my Rift. Has anyone had success getting their Rift to launch from SC so they can start dialing in the FFB yet ? Thanks for any help. I am not all that handy yet with SC. I use it with iRacing but I don't do a lot with it. I used the telemetry to suto tune all the cars and I just dialed in the intensity to get the weight I liked for the cars and turned up the road bumps to 100% so I might need some more explaining then you are used to. sorry about that in advance.

24-09-2017, 07:40
What you could do is just launch it from Steam. Select to play with the Rift. After it's done loading, alt-tab to SC4 and select the pCARS2 profile you'd like to use. It should say something like "Attaching to running game" at first and then change to "Attached to game".

24-09-2017, 07:41
and then once you get that running then you should experience the wonderful crashes to desktop every time you click on something