View Full Version : Main Menu super slow and laggy.

24-09-2017, 09:16
Everything you click in basically any menu (main, car/track selection, exiting a menu, setup changes) is very slow, laggy and skips every second button press.

Is this a known issue?

Ensi Ferrum
24-09-2017, 09:21
I have this issue as well, especially in the cars Setup menu.

As a side note, since today it took a few seconds to load the actual Setup.

24-09-2017, 09:22
Could you please try if this still happens when disconnected from the internet?

24-09-2017, 09:25
Same here, on PS4 Pro, along with tons of crashes.

Ensi Ferrum
24-09-2017, 09:59
Could you please try if this still happens when disconnected from the internet?

Tested with Network in Windows enabled and disabled.
No difference.
To load the actual car Setup it took about 5 seconds. The backround wasn't mooving as well. I have a TrackIR and when I move the head in the menus I see the camera moving on the Background.

24-09-2017, 10:04
Yes, without internet its still very laggy and slow :/ On PS4.

24-09-2017, 10:12
Not to mention saving setups sometimes doesn't work, as well as taking some seconds to both load and save.

I find these menues a bit tedious to be honest. Also, when you are playing with a wheel or a controller, sometimes it all gets messed when you use the mouse in order to navigate things quickly. You aren't able to navigate any further regardless the device (neither with key-mouse or the wheel or controller), and have no choice but to alt-tab game and hard-close it.

^This is another legendary bug that never gets fixed. The heck already with this. So annoying.