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24-09-2017, 09:57

I'd like to thank the devs for the great game! I'm new to racing games and only played a little bit of Dirt Rally before PCars 2, and this game seems really exciting to me. However, I
wanted to point out a couple of bugs and "features" I've come by so far that could deserve some attention in the coming patches:


- Kart severe damage appeared already at the start thoughout the whole career season. No difference if I revv it or not before switching to the gear.
- AI ramming to my back at the end of the pit lane on Snetterton practice directly after the manual driving becomes enabled (Clio Cup). Not just one bump but several attempts to drive over me. Had to pull aside to not to get my car wrecked.
- Car resetting problem in race resets (see the other thread in tech. issues; couldn't add link because of the limitation for new users).
- AI inconsitency with changing conditions. Could be tough competition with AI on dry (noob settings for a noob like me; probably around 40 skill for AI), but then I'm suddenly lapping +12 sec faster times than AI when it starts to rain (Snetterton 300 in Clio Cup).
- Can't disable lap timing in HUD unless in "light" mode.

Other disturbing "features":

- Inconsistent sounds: crowd cheering soundclip is like 2 seconds long and on a loop, and sounds like a repeating cowboy rodeo video ("woohoo" ... "woohoo"). Hitting walls at 200 km/h sounds
like accidentally bumping someone's car in a parking lot. Even slightly scraping a wall with the car is more loud and scary sounding. Sound and visuals of rain are not exactly in synchrony when the rain is ending (which can be really confusing).
- Flickering video: Stuff (trees, carage doors on the pitway etc.) keeps suddenly appearing/disappearing at the distance and in the mirrors instead of just being sub-sampled.
- Damage acts weird. In kart racing, a small bump to the back of another driver at nearly equal (running) speeds totally messes up your rig, even dismembers a wheel, but full speed face-to-face contact
with a wall causes some "air intake and suspension problems" (can't remember what was the actual term) instead of killing you or, at least, your car. Even if the purpose is to model driving, not crashing, it wouldn't a huge effort to have something analogous to "terminal damage" in Dirt Rally if you suddenly dissipate 2 MJ of kinetic energy in a fraction of a second (at least it doesn't go to the sound right now :) ).

Possible features to add:

- Possibility to add custom head-related transfer functions (HRTF) for improved spatial audio would be cool (with a handful of default templates for generic users without their own). Little bit tricky (but possible) to get it right in VR, but in normal non-VR mode implementation should be easy and the filtering is doable with GPUs as well. Sound is currently ok but could be so much better with small changes. I also feel that the sound is little bit thin at the lower-end of the spectrum, especially inside road cars that are supposed to act as low-pass filters for external sounds (now the helmet is doing most of that stuff), and that the width of the sound sources such as the motor sounds is slightly too narrow (pointy) considering that the sound will arrive though various directions and through vibrations of the full chassis (problem with Sennheiser HD800 and HD650 headphones in both stereo mixing modes). These issues are very subtle but still there, if I compare to how things sound (to me) in real life.

- Also, FFB was really badly off for Logitech G29 with all the three default settings (no feel for what was going on with the car and weightless steering). Using Jack Spade's config (in the tech support thread) solved that problem though.
I think it would be useful to add default configs to the most common wheels (there aren't that many anyway that cover 90% of the population) that get "ok" from the devs who know
how the cars are supposed to feel like.

Anyway, looking forward to spend a plenty of hours with this one! Keep up the great work!

24-09-2017, 12:18
Ok, I'll revise my feedback on the car sounds a bit after testing more of the road cars. It's not really lack of "low-pass" effect on the cabin sounds, as at least the motor sounds are obviously muffled. However, I still feel that the really low-end "rumble" (that you almost feel more than you hear) and the omnidirectionality of the cabin sounds are slightly lacking, but in general, the engine sounds are very good. Just small things, together with the HRTF suggestions, but thought to bring them up just in case the devs have an audio engineer twiddling his/her thumbs and waiting for stuff to do now after the release ;)