View Full Version : Missing info in TT sessions. Please change sms

24-09-2017, 10:09
We do default setup and no assist TT challenges as part of our group but have found out we can't in pcars2 because sms has removed all info whilst in a TT session.
During a session on the pause menu the game no longer shows, what car you are driving or if you are using a default setup etc. So all we can capture is a laptime.

Obviously we are aware that all the info is available in the leaderboard BUT if you have done a quicker time in another car from that class, the time does not show. There is no way to filter the results.

So now we and I assume many others can't do time trial comps.

Is this just an oversight or a cynical attempt to quell this kind of thing, which I doubt.

Come on sms. If you can't put a specific car filter on the leaderboard then please at least put the same info on screen during the session.