View Full Version : Bugs i have found in 2hours

24-09-2017, 10:09
- Not sure whats wrong with the AMG C63s, but its steering to the left extremely (which it is not doing in real)
- Lots of track help lines are missing (or sometimes work and sometimes dont)
- Track help lines sometimes are totally wrong (indicating green when i am way too fast)
- the camera field of view thing.. please make an option to have the same settings as in PC1.. i have no idea, but the camera feels sooo weird.. also please add a button to increase camera distance. At my settings, the camera is almost directly on the trunk
- i cant clear all car categories when opening my own game. My own category will always stay selected no matter how often i try to clear it (which then means, everybody is driving cars from my category only)
- Why cant i turn on my light in pit-lane, but i can turn on my windscreen whipper? that has also been a problem in PC1
- please add a function to filter out all sessions where i cant join anymore anyways (like where a race is going on already..)
- sorting by player in multiplayer is not by number decreasing but by alphabetical sorting.. example: