View Full Version : Project Cars 2 Running Slow

24-09-2017, 10:18
Hi there,

In Custom Race and Career Mode the game is running so slow compared to Free Practice. Im pretty sure this is a computer issue and would like to know of ways to stop this from happening. In free practice in an IndyCar around Road America I did a low 2 minute laptime compared to race weekend where I did a low 4 minute laptime and the car feels like its cruising around town. And its the same with the AI cars too. The only things at real time are: Laptimes, Steering and gear changes.

Im running an AMD A6-7310 APU with Radeon R4 Graphics (which I know is not great) with 8gb of ram.

Any help to get this working better would help so much.

I am already at Lowest graphics settings on the game


24-09-2017, 13:55
Your system is well below the minimum specifications for the title.