View Full Version : HUD editor issue

24-09-2017, 10:18
Is anyone else experiencing the hud editor 'forgetting' your settings? Especially in TT mode where it constantly keeps reinstating the MASSIVE laptime graphic right in the way of your view over and over again. It's driving me mad.

Tbh the whole HUD editor is a bit buggy from its in menu part to the changer during driving. One minute I can get the delta on screen, the next minute I can't. It's driving me crazy.

Please fix this, it's simple stuff that should work from the start in all honesty.

donkey racer
24-09-2017, 10:24
the devs know about the hud not saving and in another post i seen there going to sort it
has for the MASSIVE lap time on ur screen you can turn it of in options on screen display

24-09-2017, 22:26
and is there a way to move the delta popup right from the middle of the screen ?

It's really annoying and distracting too

24-09-2017, 22:43
Had it on the beginning ( had to turn the rearview mirror on in every race ), setting the hud level to 'light' in the options-gameplay-onscreen guides&display menu, and then adding the desired displays/graphs whilst on the track via the option menu worked.