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24-09-2017, 10:22
Anybody else suffering from constant game crashing. Its impossible to complete qualifying session and a race. The game just shuts down usually after pausing game and return to pit box and report bug screen appears. I'm having to restart the game and go straight in to the race with no qualifying just to compete in a race.

Hardware:- intel i5-6600k, geforce 1060, 16gb ram, oculus vr, simcommander 4, accuforce wheel, fanatec v3 pedals

Siberian Tiger
24-09-2017, 10:25
Have you allready tried to check the Games Files with Steam?


And additionally did you send the Bugsplat's with a Description your Name and Email?

24-09-2017, 10:59
It's an Accuforce issue. Berney posted this on the Accuforce forum:

It is 3:50am Sunday morning here. I had just written a very detailed page-long response to help those with PCARS 2 difficulty with Sim Commander and AccuForce. I was just about finished when my Insider update version of Windows 10 green screen crashed on me. BTW - If anyone knows anything about Windows 10 crashing due to SynTP.sys , I would be greatly appreciate any insight. I've not had time to dig into it yet.

Long story short, I do not have energy to rewrite my lengthy step-by-step instructions/response this morning, but I will do so either this evening or during the work day Monday.

Here are some key points that may help:

-If you followed some tutorial in an effort to get PCARS2 and SC4 working before we released official support this Saturday morning, you need to undo everything you did, then auto-detect. The easiest way is to delete all pcars game records and profiles in SC4, then auto-detect or completely uninstall SC4, re-install, get all updates, then auto-detect.

Bottom line - If you didn't mess with anything, all you need to do to get up and running with PCARS 2 in the latest SC4 is auto-detect, launch the game from our main window and once in game, go to their options menu and make sure Shared memory outputs are enabled and using the V2 format.

With regard to AccuForce, SlightlyMad has an AF, but were unable to complete their automatic detection, default settings, etc.. for it before the release. They are working on this now. They are also suffering from a PID.DLL issue that we've been in communication about. I'm of the opinion that this can and will be solved by changes to their code in much the same way iRacing had to go through the same exercise.

Please be patient with them and provide them detailed troubleshooting information. I think they'll get things ironed out over the course of the next few weeks and I think it may be worth the wait. PCARS 2 is shaping up to have significant promise in my opinion.

As a side note, throughout our development of the Sim Commander PCARS 2 plugin, we didn't run into issues getting the AccuForce and pcars2 to cooperate. Darin can comment further as he did most of the testing, but I do know that he completed our detailed AccuForce game support/quality control checklist for pcars 2 without incident.

24-09-2017, 11:17
Verified files and tried game a couple of times but same results. I am sending bugsplat report with description and email. Many thanks

24-09-2017, 11:43
Thanks. I will try a reinstall of SC4 and see if it helps