View Full Version : Numb controller feeling - like steering an Audi

24-09-2017, 11:14
Waait - I know what people are going to say, yes I indeed will be purchasing myself a steering wheel set/seat set up once I move house in the coming days. No space/money atm

However for now I'm stuck with using the Xbox One controller, and it feels very numb to me.
The main racing game I've been playing for the last year is FM6, so yeah it's not a "sim" but it's very enjoyable on the control pad to play.
All assists are off, and it's manual with clutch.

As I liked some of his car setups on FM6, I thought I'd try his settings for PC2.

I adjusted it slightly from his but I am happy to change.

If I turn the assists off (ABS/TC/SC) I can't sense when the wheels are locking up, nor can I catch slides and I feel like a berk playing it, very frustrating.
The main thing that is irking me is not being able to catch or control a slide if I've induced it (accidentally or not), my suspicion is that it's because I'm using the pad.
I'm sure it's not like that with a steering wheel.
So for now I'll leave the ABS/TC/SC assists on.

Please note, this is for constructive criticism, not just having a whinge :)