View Full Version : Car Profiles Randomly Loaded when SAVING Profiles.

24-09-2017, 11:48
Car profiles won't save properly, or load properly.. I noticed it on the first race of the Renault Formula event, mainly because the car could not accelerate over 120mph and was literally left standing in the race and as I was checking out all the various settings that could cause this, I was noticing some odd behaviour and settings reloading each time I saved the profile. Attempting to modify the tuning settings and save doesn't actually save and always defaults to the settings I saved for the car in a free practice mode. I have to load an SMS default profile, but the very moment I try and modify it again, it automatically loads the settings from the free practise mode again - even after deleting the file from the in-game UI.

For a game with so many possible configurations per car, I'd really expect a working UI but it just isn't.. Name a profile, go to Save, and it has a random name from a previous save.. Give it a new name and it tries to save over a previous profile. Why is there so much confusion around saving car profiles? What is wrong with using a traditional name and save format? There's no need to over complicate a system that should be relatively simple and straightforward for simpletons like myself.

It's a game breaker for me, that's for sure.