View Full Version : Crazy force feedback and car handling in quick race gt3 class

24-09-2017, 12:02
I'm having a weird car handling related problem, the car will swerve randomly left to right and force feedback pulls in random directions, while trying to drive in a straight line on a straight road. I noticed it when I tried to do a quick race on monza using gt3 class Renault RS 01, full grid. The car will just turn and weave back and forth on its own for no apparent reason, I'm just trying to hold the wheel straight, and the FFB forcibly moves it aswell. Then I tested it on other tracks and cars, and so far, this problem affects all GT3 cars that I've tried on all tracks that I've tried, including nurburgring, daytona, long beach and so on. I tried starting from first position, from last position, tried lowering the fuel amount and other settings, nothing seems to get rid of this weird behaviour, so it must be some kind of bug. There is no such problem when driving GT3 cars in time trial mode. In time trial mode the cars behave normally, and drive in a perfectly straight line, exactly in line with the wheel input. It seems that this problem only affects GT class racing on quick race mode. Other car classes seem to work fine. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm using g920 wheel on standard xbox one.

24-09-2017, 12:35
Known issue (although I haven't seen comment on it from a mod). Only happens with ai cars on the track (cars work fine on private testing). Affects GT3, Lambo Super Trofeo, and RS01 Trophy from what I've tested.

25-09-2017, 22:56
I have the same issue. Gt3 race mode is impossible to stay on track,wheel jerk side to side, and ffb going nuts on every track. XB1,Thrustmaster TMX Pro,and T3PA-Pro.

kevin kirk
25-09-2017, 23:09
known issue