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24-09-2017, 12:14
On PS4 Pro outputting @ 4K HDR :

* Screenshot with the in-game save button = 279 KB size, 2560 x 1440 resolution.
* Screenshot with the PS4 share button = 827 KB size, 3840 x 2160 resolution.
(both are a screenshot from the same picture in-game)

When looking at both from my PC the PS4 shared screenshot has sharper detail.

Is this normal? If a screenshot inside an application isn't higher resolution than what the PS4 can capture, then... uhm why bother? Shouldn't the game at the moment you hit that "save screenshot" button just create the picture in 4K?

For anyone into screenshot capture wanting the highest possible resolution I suggest you capture both ways and see how it works out for you personally. I have a PS4 Pro connected to a 4K UHD TV but things could be different with a standard PS4 or a PS4 Pro without 4K output.

GBO Possum
24-09-2017, 15:07
Here's my guess FWIW.

I have a PS4 Pro, so I've been avidly reading articles relating to that console.

It's my understanding that PC2 maintains a solid 60 frames per second by delivering 1440p to the upscaler.

Thus, if you capture an in-game image, it will be 1440 pixels deep, whereas the console will capture the upscaled 2160 pixel deep image

24-09-2017, 15:29
Makes complete sense what Possum is saying.