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24-09-2017, 13:07
Hi Guys,

Trying Ginetta in carreer mode... but it's undrivable.

While the AI runs fine laps without any oversteer or speedloss, I'm struggling to keep the car in a straight line in turns. Car feel fine on steer in.. then mid turn (every fast mid turn).. bamn oversteer out of nowhere. To not get that. I need to slow down so much... AI takes me over as i'm a different car class.

Sounds not right..

24-09-2017, 13:13
Use the race engineer.
Also here's good setup you can try.


24-09-2017, 13:18
Yeah, I'm running into the same issue. I believe it will take some time to get used to the new physics. I think the first track was oulton park and turn 1 has a little dip that unsettles the car. I'm still working out the ffb settings because i think it is imperative to feel the grip coming lose.

Somethings that worked for me:

Lower rear sway bar stiffness
Lower fuel level to 5L at quali and about 15 for race

Add me on steam if you want to do some testing and tuning together:

24-09-2017, 13:30
Use the stable default set up instead of loose, it defaults to loose and is a nightmare, much oversteer in slow corners

24-09-2017, 14:20
Both are terrible.. and the AI is driving the impossible lines again.

Race Engineer is worthless... it works within a pre-set range of settings.

my car oversteers out of nowhere. In slow and fast turns.. just snaps like bye bye. Usually happens when something breaks down on your axels.

24-09-2017, 14:26
What input device are you using?

24-09-2017, 14:38
I dunno, Im playing at difficulty 80 with no assists and won the Ginetta cup without much hassle. And Im not a good driver.

24-09-2017, 14:52
What input device are you using?

I'm using a T300 with Ferrari Wheel... and Clubsport V3 pedals.
Loaded up Jack Spades default with mid comp ffb.

And I followed the instructions to the letter to make the wheel 1:1 input.

24-09-2017, 16:23
I'm guessing you are experiencing lift off over-steer. I've been having a lot of trouble as well because I've spent the last couple of months playing F1. In F1 late breaking is the norm but in GT and road cars decelerating has a strong lift effect on the rear tires and the rear will snap around on you hard and fast. Just breaking a little earlier and staying lightly on the throttle until you pass the apex will help keep the car balanced and the rear emd more firmly planted. Coming from f1 it feels like it should be losing time but you can carry much more speed and come out of the corner much faster.

In pcars 1 I had little trouble winning races at 80-100 with ease but on that Ginetta career this year I'm WAY off the pace. I'm barely getting down to the 1:39's and thats no where near 80% ai. :p It's kinda embarrarising what level I have to use to get a 1:39 on pace.

In part its the new tire model, part new ffb and part the new agressiveness of putting a tire off track. In pcars 1 it was really forgiving, now its violent. I actually flipped the ginetta last night on the first sweeping right hander at oulton park just by putting my front right over the inside curb. Get a rear on the curb or god forbid into the grass while on the throttle and its all over.


24-09-2017, 17:27
If you are playing on the wheel, then you might just be turning way to much. I wrecked the Junior cup, even after increasing AI to 115, in some cases by nearly 30 seconds.

The car has a natural slide to it.

I am on a G25, and its probably the most fun I had. I am so happy they got the slip-grip-slip sorted this time so much easier to catch and maintain a four wheel slip.

I noticed I only spun it when i put to much steering in. Also do not coast or jab the gas (throttle on, throttle off, on, off, on) it unsettles the car, you should do all your HARD braking in a straight line, as you are ready to turn in, depress the brake and start to turn in lightly, then full throttle out (hopefully by the apex) you might get a four wheel drift out of it but just straighten out the wheel and modulate the throttle LIGHTLY (do not go completely off) to keep the car balanced and to pivot it (steer with the throttle essentially).

I do play in VR though so my experience is different, as i can judge the corner and surface much better feels more natural to control the car and the undulations.

To me it seems to be more your driving style than the car.

NOTE: I am using the default LOOSE setup, maybe try the STABLE setup (make sure to save it under a new slot so its the default).

Pay attention to the wheel scrub audio, there is different effects for different level of scrub, you get a light scrub sound when your pushing the tire, a light squeal when you are about to brake grip, and a tearing squeal when your past grip.

Really use all queues, visual, audio and FFB (which should only contain the steering rack all other forces are useless, the bumps, kerbs etc should be visible and distinguishable by video and audio queues, not in the wheel. You are asking for details and actions of your wheel that you wouldn't get from a real steering wheel. To each their own though.

24-09-2017, 17:31
I'm using a T300 with Ferrari Wheel... and Clubsport V3 pedals.
Loaded up Jack Spades default with mid comp ffb.

And I followed the instructions to the letter to make the wheel 1:1 input.

Did you try the default settings? I wouldn't copy somebody else's settings before trying out the defaults provided by the developers of the game.

I'm using a T150 with defaults and I can only get the G40J to oversteer when I'm being really aggressive with it and my tires are cold or it's wet.

24-09-2017, 17:35
I too am using G25 defaults, only ran calibration and button assignments and jumped right in, haven't had any issues or felt anything wrong with the FFB, feels like i expect it to.

24-09-2017, 17:38
You need to be smooth mainly on the throttle when taking corners, i thought this helps the most, be careful slamming on the brakes and then flooring it, it doesn't always work.

Also try coasting through S Bends especially knockhill, then when you get used to it try and apply 10 - 20% Throttle through it.

24-09-2017, 18:22
I dont seem to have these presets. Loose etc. I read someone say they go away once you make your own setup is that the case?

Trippul G
24-09-2017, 18:53
I dont seem to have these presets. Loose etc. I read someone say they go away once you make your own setup is that the case?

From what I've been told, console did not ship with "loose" or "stable" presets that we can readily switch between. Obviously each car has SOME sort of preset tune applied to it, but whether that correlates to the "loose" or "stable" presets that the PC version got (or something else altogether), is unclear to me. I can only assume (hope?) that console users will receive them in a future patch.