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24-09-2017, 13:35
Problems to sanction probing in Donington Gp if one cuts the chicane and does not reduce its speed is not sanctioned in practice and classification if it places a cartel but that can be avoided until the next curve but also in race mode does not place that cartel and does not sanction .
In hockenheim gp something similar happens in the curve when leaving track in the curve 1 although it puts the notice that it reduces the speed if you do not there is no sancion since soon arrives the other curve
These are very important problems for those who run in leagues, tournaments or competitions
I hope it can solve
Thank you so much

Siberian Tiger
24-09-2017, 13:38
There is no Reduce Speed anymore. (Well at least not an automated one, you have to reduce speed by yourself to avoid a Penalty)
As soon as someone Cut's the Track the Laptime is invalidated.
In Race the Person will get Timepenaltys and at the end as DQ if he Cut's to much.

24-09-2017, 13:53
sorry for the translation maybe not well understood, the problem is that it does not penalize the examples that show