View Full Version : Is there a seperate exe for 64 bit version?

24-09-2017, 13:54
Just read no DX12 for Pcars2. I got a huge performance improvement with DX12 and DeusEX:Mankind Divided.
Was this decision based on royalty costs? My game runs really rough even at HIGH settings with no Anisotropic Filters. My pc setup is decent. My Radeon drivers are latest using PCARS2 profile.

Is there a separate executable for loading 64 bit version?

Siberian Tiger
24-09-2017, 13:56
Project Cars 2 is ONLY 64Bit.

So it's runing 64bit on Default.

DX12 was gutted, because the Improvements for a Racing Sim aren't enough to compensate the work that is needed.