View Full Version : Game crashes to desktop

24-09-2017, 14:41
I ve had that happen a couple of times now. It was both in long races (1hr) if that has any matter. Both the times the screen froze and went to black. The ffb and sound kept working for a few seconds and it goes to small window mode and then a windows pops up saying it's encountered a problem etc.

My guess is display driver crashed, but it hasnt been the only time the game has crashed, once it crashed just as I was starting it ;P

Do I need to send you any files like with PCARS1 debugging?

Siberian Tiger
24-09-2017, 14:43
Does a Bugsplat Window appears after the Crash? If yes, please fill in an send it away with your Name and Email.

If not, you can try to look into the Windows Event Viewer to see what exactly happens when it crashes...

I assume you are on the newest available Driver for your AMD Card?

24-09-2017, 15:02

Siberian Tiger
24-09-2017, 15:11
Ok, can you please start the game with -sse2 command.
(Steam Launch command)

And see if it's happen again?

It seems that the Crash is triggering Bugsplat, but it can't start...