View Full Version : Not getting correct position in race, not getting correct points post-race

24-09-2017, 16:29
Was just doing my first race in the Euro Formula Rookie Championship round the Algarve circuit, enjoyed learning the track and just about took pole, all good so far.

Race starts, and I don't get a great getaway, but for some reason the game decides that I'm 12th all of a sudden, and it seems I'm a lap down on the field out of nowhere. When i cross the line to start my second lap the lap time doesn't reset, so I end up doing a c.4 min first lap, and unsurprisingly finish 12th, some 1m40s down on the field. Can see what I mean a bit better from the clip here:


So that's annoying. Decided to give it a second go, restarted the session and thankfully I get away in 1st, lead the whole race and the game recognizes this correctly, hurrah. Except when I check the final standing and the championship standings, it seems that someone else was credited with the win, and I'm joint bottom of the championship with 6pts for 12th place and 2 bonus points for pole and fastest lap. So either it allocated the points based on the original race where I finished 12th, or it just decided that I didn't win after all. No idea. Added some screenshots of the final standings to show you what I mean.





So i had the option to retry the race again and maybe get the win and championship points that I've already got twice, or play something else that doesn't waste my time. For now, I've gone with the latter. Really enjoying the actual gameplay side of things so far with PC2, but what's the point when this sort of thing happens?