View Full Version : Tthe AI cars steering with no effort.

mass control
24-09-2017, 17:09
The AI cars can get around corners so easy and fast and there steering lock is near nothing from seeing in replays. :confused:
I have to do a lot more with steering to get the car around corners which can make tire slip here and there slowing car down.

24-09-2017, 17:19
AI tweaking will be ongoing for the next half a year. Could you please be specific which car(s) and which track(s)?

mass control
24-09-2017, 17:46
Was on Brands hatch GP with the Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 DTM.Not sure if all AI cars do the same on track racing or if its how the replays show on all AI steering only in replays.
On every corner all the AI steering near the same input on the replay that had same car on grid.Not sure this how it is when in race as well.
Only seems goes to 10 to 20% at most AI movement around on steering turn when seeing half the wheel on screen.