View Full Version : Performance. How is this even possible?

24-09-2017, 19:09
Well, I'm not gonna talk about bugs or glitches currently present in the game for now (I will reserve another thread for it). :)

What I want to talk about is game performance. With my mainstream system and this in-game settings:

Full visual effects
Medium MSAA,
Ultra tracks, cars, reflections, shadows,
Medium particles,
Low environment maps,
Motion blur OFF
Detailed grass OFF

the game looks great, way better than PC1. Which is not that surprising.

What is baffling here is it runs constant 60fps in various weather/daytime combinations I have tried, even in thunderstorm at night with 31 AI opponents. It only drops to 50 fps in huge pile ups. It's like 200% better performance than PC1 for me. Incredible! I rarely make posts like this, expressing my astonishment, but I had to now.

It's not graphics and performance related, but if SMS keeps supporting the game long term, fixing bugs, improving not-so-great things like variable quality of the tracks (flat surface on old tracks mainly) and adds some features here and there, this really could be racing game of the decade.