View Full Version : PC: White Flash

24-09-2017, 19:36
Issue: Screen(s) flash solid white for a moment (1 frame?, half a frame?, center screen only?). This occurred only once during the session.

Reduced graphics setting for high fps @5760x1080 120hz, Win7-64, GTX 1070.
Texture 8x, Vsync=ON (Adaptive in Nvidia), Shadows OFF, AA OFF, Heat OFF, Bloom OFF, Vignette NO, HighSpeed Shake OFF, Reflections LOW, Environment LOW, Enhanced mirrors NO, Blur OFF, Grass OFF.

Mode: Private Testing.
Track: Nordschleife, Autumn, afternoon.
Car: Ferrari 488 GT3, default setup, Scuderia livery?
Lap: occurred on lap 3, second half of track but before the long straight.

Potential Influencing factors:
-had checked telemetry view.
-had used behind view.
-possibly going over a curb on on the grass.
-no observed prior occurrence on this track with BAC Mono or C7R while using the same track settings.
-Simvibe running!
-no windows notifications or other crap after exiting.

May be the same issue reported in VR.