View Full Version : Standalone shifter and buttonbox(g27 shifter)

24-09-2017, 20:13
Is there a way to use my G27 shifter as a standalone shifter and button box? my wheel is a t300rs and pro pedals and work just fine. but when go to map some things it comes up as the same listing as something thats on my wheel. ive tryed as the t300rs default setup and also threw the custom setup and still same results.

my rig.

i7 6700k
64g ddr4 d-ram
1tb ssd+256mb ssd+1tb hd
windows 10 home

Thrustmaster t300rs with 599 wheel and pro pedals
Basherboards FJ2 logitech G27 shifter standalone link.

25-09-2017, 06:27
Is it only showing the same, or is it actually removing a wheel mapping when you map to a button on the G27 shifter?

I am running my G27 shifter with my CSW v2.5 Wheel base without issue. I do have a few cases where i see "JOYSTICK 3", as an example, mapped to 2 different functions. 1 is the wheel, the other is the shifter. Both work as expected, they just look the same in the assignments screen.

Edit: my g27 shifter is connected using a Teensy 2.0 making it a standalone USB device. Similar to the Basherboards solution.