View Full Version : setup saving for changes "on the fly"? why?

24-09-2017, 20:15
why do we need all the time save a setup to change on a specific tire compound or to fill the tank with fuel on a race/training whatever? (why on a open training session the tank is filled with 5-12kg fuel?)
change/choose --> ready --> go on track, done.
(even its only temporary)

24-09-2017, 20:57
I wonder this too, dont force us to always save whatever change we do.

24-09-2017, 21:05
Another annoying thing to the already tedious save/setup system. Not to mention the issues this is giving on MP sessions. It's just off putting at the moment. I change tyres, my tyres don't get changed. I change that, the same. I save/overwrite, nothing. AAlways making a new setup in order to make it work.

So many issues that need urgent fixing