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Martini Da Gasalini
24-09-2017, 20:26
So i usually race Group A, the Benz evo II is my go to car, and the last 2 days i have been fine tuning the FFB and doing times on laguna seca since it's my most favorite track, and I'm at in defualt car settings, i feel like I've pretty much found the FFB settings that make me comfortable and i can put the best lap times, well for shits and giggles i decide to practice in the skyline 32, HOLY FUCK nuts is that car fun, NOW the caveat to it is it does not like to be thrown around, you have to be smooth on your lines and man can you feel the weight of that car when it wiggles, good job SMS,
This car screams to be in 3rd at high revs at Laguna wow! It took me a few laps to get a feel for it and as the laps progressed and the more comfortable i got with how to drive it I couldn't believe the lap times i was putting in.

Again this car does not like to be thrown around you have to be smooth on your lines almost a delicate dance but if you are it's most rewarding, I can see why I've seen so many people spin out with it when racing online.

Thumbs up SMS :eagerness:

donkey racer
24-09-2017, 20:42
i also had my 1st race in the R32 tonight its a littlle gem

24-09-2017, 20:43
*Mod Hat on*

Great to see your enjoying the car, just mind the language on the title, trying to maintain a family friendly place here!
Have edited it to censor a little!

Martini Da Gasalini
24-09-2017, 21:33
My bad lol