View Full Version : Reporting Bugs

24-09-2017, 20:43
Is there a single place on the forum where users can report bugs in a constructive fashion? Hundreds of posts all over the place must be a nightmare for the devs to keep up with, and lots of reports are probably not even being seen as they get lost in all of the other posts.

Maybe we need subforums for PC Bug Reports, Playstation Bug Reports and XBox Bug Reports.

I've started compiling a list of all of the things I have found on PC and want to know the best place to put them to make the devs aware of them.

This is a great game with lots of potential, just needs some polishing at the moment to make things truly fantastic. Hopefully the devs are being given all of the time they need to sort the bugs out. Ian Bell said SMS have committed to about 6 months of time to fix bugs, so hopefully that time gets used wisely.